Combatting the Rising Cost of Living:

We are all feeling the effects of the rising cost of living. We experience it at the grocery store and at the gas pump.

To help put more of your hard-earned money back into your pocket, Matt sponsored a $2.5 Billion bipartisan tax cut plan that would have given financial relief to all Michigan families, workers, and seniors. Matt’s plan cut the income tax, eliminated taxes on most retirement income, and gave bonus tax cuts to parents and working families. Matt also passed legislation to suspend the gas tax for six-months. This plan would have given immediate relief to all Michigan drivers.

Unfortunately, more work needs to be done to get the governor to support these plans. Matt will not stop working to find common ground to help improve the lives of Michigan families.

Matt served as an important check on two of the governor’s more radical policies: her proposed 45-cent per gallon gas tax increase and her proposed 40% tax hike on small businesses.

Instead, Matt helped pass bipartisan legislation that made historic investments in education; expanded access to affordable childcare for over 150,000 Michigan families; created new career training programs that have put 100,000 Michigan workers on the path to higher paying careers; invested in roads, bridges, and clean water infrastructure; and funded our police WITHOUT RAISING TAXES.

Matt voted for bipartisan auto insurance reforms that are cracking down on fraud, reigning in over-charging by medical providers, and giving consumers choices. These reforms are already starting to make car insurance more affordable. Michigan drivers recently received a $400 refund check for each of their insured vehicles because of these reforms, and 200,000 more Michigan drivers without prior coverage are now insured.

Matt supported landmark legislation that will reduce prescription drug costs by stopping unregulated middlemen from price gouging patients. The average price of medication to treat diabetes, heart disease, depression and other common conditions has more than doubled over the past six years. This is unacceptable. By reigning in the expensive middlemen and increasing transparency, patients will have access to more affordable life-saving medications and benefit from a higher standard of care.

Matt will continue working together with anyone willing to find solutions that will give you real relief during these difficult economic times, and make sure you are getting value for your hard-earned taxpayer dollars that fund our state government.

Supporting Quality Education:

All children deserve access to a quality education in a safe school to achieve their potential and find a high-paying career. That is why earlier this year Matt voted to make a $19.6 Billion investment in our schools, the largest in Michigan history. He helped eliminate the school funding gap and increase funding for schools by $450 per student from the current year. He helped attain additional funding for special education students and to refurbish classrooms, labs, and libraries.

Matt supported a bipartisan plan that makes schools more secure, expands mental health support, and helps law enforcement prevent violence in schools.

Matt helped create Michigan Reconnect, the largest workforce education program in state history. Michigan Reconnect has helped put over 100,000 Michigan workers, 25 and older, who do not have a college degree, on the path to earning an affordable associate degree or skilled trade certificate.

Backing Law Enforcement & Protecting Our Communities:

The Defund the Police movement is very dangerous and politicians who support this radical ideology threaten everyone’s safety. Matt is committed to building safer communities by supporting law enforcement. He voted for legislation to recruit and retain more high-quality police officers, make it easier for veterans to apply for law enforcement training, strengthen relationships between communities and law enforcement, and permanently fund local county road patrols in Kalamazoo and Allegan counties.

Matt is working hard to ensure police officers and first responders have state-of-the-art equipment to protect themselves, so he voted for riot gear and body armor grants; communications equipment upgrades; enhancement of the K-9 units; more first aid equipment; and more funding for narcotics teams.

With the recent surge of smash-and-grab attacks at retail stores, Matt co-sponsored a new law to crack down on organized retail crime. He also voted to provide law enforcement more resources to track down and arrest these brazen criminals.

The brave men and women of law enforcement protect us every day – and Matt Hall is proud to have their back.

Repairing Roads, Bridges and Water Systems:

Improving our infrastructure helps our communities and saves money over the long term. Matt voted to dedicate $2 billion to upgrade Michigan’s clean water systems, without raising taxes. Matt voted to invest more resources to repair our local roads and bridges, along with boosting access to broadband internet in rural and underserved areas.

Unleashing American Energy:

Matt supports an ‘all of the above’ American energy plan. He strongly opposes the Biden agenda of stopping American energy exploration and pipelines. Matt voted in favor of the Line 5 tunnel pipeline, which is crucial to supply Michigan and the Midwest with energy. If a small vocal minority are successful in shutting down the pipeline, there will be an even greater spike in energy costs that will hurt families and small businesses throughout our State.

Protecting Seniors And Vulnerable Adults From Abuse:

Matt’s legislation to better protect seniors from having contact with dangerous criminals at Area Agency on Aging facilities was signed into law last year. This new law requires criminal background checks on employees, service providers, and volunteers who have contact with the elderly, and prevents individuals who have committed violent or financial crimes from working around seniors.

Strengthening Ethics And Transparency In Government:

Citizens deserve an ethical and transparent state government. Matt voted for legislation that requires state government elected officials to disclose their finances annually; prohibits legislators from voting on legislation that benefits them personally; suspends the pay of legislators who act unethically or do not show up to work; stops the revolving door of legislators leaving office and becoming lobbyists; and creates a legislative ethics committee to hold politicians accountable.