Combatting the Rising Cost of Living:

We are all feeling the effects of the rising cost of living caused by Democrat policies. We experience it at the grocery store and at the gas pump. Meanwhile government keeps growing and spending more of our hard-earned money.

Everyone deserves some relief. That is why as chairman of the House Tax Policy Committee, I am fighting hard for tax cuts for all Michigan families, seniors, workers, and small businesses. I passed a $2.5 Billion tax cut that would lower the income tax rate from 4.25% to 3.9% and give larger tax cuts to parents and seniors. Governor Whitmer denied you this relief when she vetoed my plan.

So, I voted to suspend the 27.2 cent-per-gallon gas tax for six months. When the bill came to Governor Whitmer’s desk she vetoed that too.

I will never give up fighting for the hardworking taxpayers of Michigan, and fortunately we have had some victories.

I successfully cut taxes for small businesses by reducing the business equipment tax. I also stopped Governor Whitmer’s proposed tax hikes on Michigan families and small businesses. Including her proposed 45 cent-per-gallon gas tax increase and her proposal to raise taxes on small businesses by 41%.

I helped pass no-fault car insurance reforms that saved Michigan drivers substantially on their car insurance. Michigan drivers recently received a $400 refund for each of their insured vehicles because of the reforms I voted for.

I supported landmark legislation to reduce prescription drug costs by stopping the unregulated middlemen from price gouging patients. The average price of medication to treat diabetes, heart disease, depression and other common conditions has more than doubled over the past six years. This is unacceptable. By eliminating the expensive middlemen and increasing transparency, patients will have access to more affordable life-saving medications and benefit from a higher standard of care.

I will continue championing solutions that will give you real relief during these difficult times and help you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Securing our Elections:

I am a leading voice for strengthening election integrity in Michigan. As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, I acted swiftly in response to reported irregularities involving Michigan’s elections. I held hearings featuring election officials and people who witnessed events at the TCF Center in Detroit. I subpoenaed physical and electronic records from Detroit, Livonia, and the state’s Bureau of Elections. I wanted to hear what people witnessed and carefully examine records.

My hearings led to a series of new legislation designed to improve the security of Michigan’s elections. These reforms include requiring Voter Identification to vote; prohibiting the mass mailing of unsolicited absentee ballot applications by election officials; banning private individuals like Mark Zuckerberg from bankrolling election administration; removing dead people from the voter rolls; prohibiting electronic poll books and voting machines from being connected to the Internet; making it a crime to knowingly make false statements on an absentee ballot application; and strengthening signature verification requirements.

Although Governor Whitmer vetoed these common-sense election security efforts, I will keep fighting for what we all know is right. When Secretary of State Benson tried to water down signature verification standards, I fought back, and when an independent audit which I requested found 2,775 voters who died prior to elections have voted in previous elections, I authored legislation to clean up our voter rolls.

I also led the effort to stop National Popular Vote, which would have allowed liberals in New York and Los Angeles to determine which presidential candidate receives Michigan’s electoral votes. Michigan voters should make that decision, not the left-wing coastal elites.

Bringing Manufacturing Back to Michigan:

My leadership is bringing manufacturing jobs back to Michigan. I passed a law that prepares sites for large-scale private sector projects with thousands of jobs, so they have the necessary utilities and infrastructure to attract big manufacturing facilities. Already, General Motors announced a $6.5 billion investment in Michigan because of this law and Southwest Michigan is setup to benefit. These high technology manufacturing and engineering careers will be the foundation for future economic growth.

I introduced legislation to reduce the tax burden on Research and Development activity, so Michigan can better compete with other states for these high-paying careers.

Michigan is the automobile state. My work gives Michigan the tools to win the automotive careers of the future and keep automotive manufacturing and engineering in our state.

I recognize that semiconductor manufacturing is a national security issue, along with being crucial for our automotive industry. By providing the infrastructure so a semiconductor plant can locate in Michigan, we are both helping America and creating local jobs.

Repairing Roads, Bridges and Water Systems:

Improving our infrastructure helps our communities and saves money over the long-term. Without raising taxes, I voted to dedicate $2 billion to upgrade Michigan’s water systems. I voted to invest more resources to repair our local roads and bridges, along with boosting access to broadband internet in rural and underserved areas. I believe one-time federal money should be used for real infrastructure instead of just making government programs larger and more expensive.

Supporting Parental Involvement in Education:

A parent’s involvement in a child’s education is very important to student learning. Schools should welcome the input of parents and listen to their suggestions.

That is why I condemned the National School Board Association when it called for parents voicing their opinions at school board meetings to be investigated by the Department of Justice as “domestic terrorists.” I also sent a letter to the Michigan Association of School Boards urging them to withdraw from the National School Board Association. Schools should not attempt to bully or silence parents for exercising their constitutional rights.

Learning loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic harmed our kids, which is why I pushed back against Governor Whitmer’s damaging school closings. Many of our students are behind on math and reading. It is time to remove left-wing politics from the schools and start teaching the fundamentals. That is why I voted to ban the politically correct, left-wing Critical Race Theory in our schools.

I will continue supporting quality education that provides parents options and choices for their children’s college path or skilled trades training.

Defending Our Second Amendment Rights:

I am a resolute supporter of our Second Amendment Rights. I cosponsored Constitutional Carry legislation, because law-abiding citizens should not require permission from the government to exercise their constitutional rights. I passed through the House legislation to reduce from a felony to a civil fine the penalty for missing the CPL renewal deadline. Additionally, I voted to stop the governor from banning gun sales when the executive branch alone declares a State of Emergency. The rights of law-abiding Michiganders must not be infringed, especially by an overzealous politician.

Honoring the Sanctity of Life:

I am solidly pro-life because I understand life is a gift from God. I voted to ban dismemberment abortions and ban research from aborted fetal tissue. I strongly oppose taxpayer funding of abortions.

Backing Law Enforcement & Protecting Our Communities:

The Defund the Police movement is very dangerous and Democrats who support this radical ideology threaten everyone’s safety. I am committed to supporting and honoring law enforcement. I voted for legislation to recruit more police to Michigan, fund more School Resource Officers, make it easier for veterans to apply for law enforcement training, ensure stable funding for secondary road patrols, and provide access to mental health programs. I want to ensure law enforcement and first responders are equipped to protect themselves, so I voted for riot gear and body armor grants, communications equipment upgrades, enhancing the K-9 units, more first aid equipment, and supplying the narcotics teams. Law enforcement protects us every day; I am proud to fight for them.

Unleashing American Energy:

I support an ‘all of the above’ American energy plan. I strongly oppose the Biden-Whitmer agenda of stopping American energy exploration and pipelines. I voted in favor of the Line 5 tunnel pipeline, which is crucial to supply Michigan and the Midwest with energy. If Governor Whitmer is successful in shutting down the pipeline, there will be a massive spike in energy costs that will hurt families and small businesses throughout our state.

Protecting Seniors and Vulnerable Adults from Abuse:

Criminals who prey on senior citizens and vulnerable adults are awful human beings who must be stopped and punished. My bill to protect seniors from these criminals is now law. My new law requires criminal background checks on employees, service providers, and volunteers, along with preventing those with certain criminal convictions from working directly with seniors and the vulnerable.

Strengthening Ethics and Transparency in Government:

Citizens deserve an ethical and transparent state government. I voted for legislation that requires state government elected officials to disclose their finances annually; prohibits legislators from voting on legislation that benefits them personally; suspends the pay of legislators who act unethically or do not show up to work; stops the revolving door of legislators leaving office and becoming lobbyists; and creates a legislative ethics committee to hold politicians accountable.