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More Affordable Car Insurance


Making Government More Accountable


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Record Funding for All Students & Schools


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House Oversight – Effective, Efficient, Accountable

As chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Matt is dedicated to making the government more accountable, efficient, and accountable to you.

In his first term as the Chair, Matt worked to lead an investigation into Child Protective Services when it was found that the department was not properly protecting children from abuse and neglect. Matt introduced bipartisan reforms to keep Michigan’s children safe with the findings of the investigation that would require the Office of the Children’s Ombudsman to publicly release findings and recommendations related to child abuse or death within 30 days of a case’s closure date and confidential information redacted.

Before the public couldn’t find out about what these investigations uncovered except in a few cases. Matt’s reforms would bring about accountability and transparency in places where it is needed.

Furthermore, when questionable fraud and patient care issues were revealed at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Matt called on the Office of Auditor General to expedite an investigation to ensure the protection and they were receiving the proper care they need and deserve. 

Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic

As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and the Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic, Matt has worked diligently to hold the Whitmer Administration accountable to the people of Michigan and to ensure that departments of government operate effectively, efficiently, and transparently. 

Through Matt’s leadership, the committee’s actions have brought to light issues within Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency, re-opened sectors of Michigan’s economy safely and sensibly that had a blind eye turned to by the administration, and gave Michigan citizens a voice in their government by being able to share their stories.

Matt and the Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic  will continue to seek answers from government departments and the Governor to ensure the administration is transparent and accountable to all Michigan citizens. Matt knows that now is not the time for politics and that we much work together in a bipartisan way to find smarter, science and data based solutions to protect lives and livelihoods to open Michigan safely.

Reforming Michigan’s Auto No-Fault

For decades, Michigan drives have been burdened by nation-high car insurance premiums washing away their hard-earned savings – only for there to be no true change for years. 

Matt knew Michigan’s drivers were not asking for change – he knew they were demanding it!

Matt voted in favor on a historic, bipartisan solution to deliver guaranteed rate relief for every driver in Michigan. When this legislation takes effect on July 1st, 2020, drives will be free from expensive mandates and be able to choose an amount of coverage that best meets their needs. This will bring guaranteed savings to all Michigan drivers. 

Providing the Best Education for All Students

Matt understands the importance of students across Michigan receiving the best education that works for them. Matt worked to secure $15.2 billion for school funding –  this is the highest per-pupil funding increase in 15 years!  The funding has prioritized skilled trades opportunities and early literacy education to help students learn to read. 

Matt also understands that every child is different and they deserve schools that put them first, not education bureaucracy. Matt has worked to advocate for policies that promote educational freedom for teachers and students across Michigan earning him the endorsement of organizations such as the Great Lakes Education Project. 

Fighting for Responsible Criminal Justice Reforms

The criminal justice system should work for its people. During Matt’s first term in office, he was been apart of brining reforms in protecting Michigan citizens from judicial overreach and protecting civil liberties with civil asset forfeiture reforms making it so a person’s property can not be kept by law enforcement if they are not changed with a crime. 

Matt also voted in favor to protect CPL holders from an unfair felony prosecution for having an out of date license within the first year – Matt’s plan reduces the penalty to a civil infraction for a simple paperwork oversight. 

After a person serves their penalty for a crime, Matt understands that a steady good-paying job is one of the most effective ways to ensure a person leads a crime-free and productive life. That is why he supported the plan to expand expungement laws and give hundreds of thousands with low-level convictions a new opportunity to a fresh start.

Reducing Red Tape. Creating Opportunity.

Matt has and will continue to work diligently to create and secure jobs and increase opportunities for workforce training and development. During his first term in office, Representative Hall has provided his full support to keeping taxes low and to cutting overburdensome red tape.

Matt also voted in favor of occupational licensing reforms to reduce barriers for people to obtain an occupational license and for workforce development programs, including grant programs such as Going PRO and Michigan Reconnect which would provide people with training where they learn new skills to aid them in securing high-paying, in-demand jobs with local employers.