Rep. Matt Hall Is Knocking Doors In His District To Find Out What You Are Concerned About

How do you find out what is important to your constituents?  You go door to door and ask them.  That is what State Representative Matt Hall was doing last week and is continuing to do this week.

Team Hall has knocked on over 7,500 doors this General Election, and we’re going to run through the tape until Election Day.

Many of you have had someone come to your home on behalf of a candidate or the candidate themselves. You might have had Rep. Hall knock on your door. These “door knockers” do this to get your thoughts on the state of Michigan and inform you of the candidate they are knocking for and the issues the candidate support.

For instance, the issues that Rep. Hall has been working on are:

  • Combatting the rising cost of living:

Matt sponsored a bipartisan $2.5 Billion tax cut plan that would have lowered the income tax, eliminated most taxes on retirement income, and given bonus tax cuts to working families and parents

  • Investing in education & safer schools:

Matt voted to make the largest investment in education in Michigan history. He supported a bipartisan plan that makes schools more secure, expands mental health support, and helps law enforcement prevent violence in schools. He approved job training scholarships that have helped many Michigan workers earn an affordable associate degree or skilled trade certificate leading to new higher-paying career opportunities.

  • Funding Police & safer communities:

Matt backed a plan to recruit and retain more high-quality law enforcement officers, fully fund county road patrols, provide our police with state-of-the-art equipment, and invest more in public safety.

When they are at your door you have an opportunity to give them your thoughts on the issues of the day.  You also receive some information on what that candidate has been working on if they are running for reelection or attempting to win the seat for the first time.

Back in 2018, Rep. Hall won his House of Representatives seat by knocking on many of the doors in his District.  He did this to introduce himself to what he hoped would be his future constituents and find out directly from them what concerns them about the state of Michigan.

He won his election, took what he heard from the people at their doors, and brought their voices to Lansing. 

Rep. Hall would like to continue to be your voice in Lansing, that is why he is knocking on doors to find out what issues are important to you today.