Now The Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union Has Endorsed Rep. Matt Hall For His Election

Courtesy of the MPFFU

The First Responder community knows that Rep. Matt Hall has had and will continue to have their backs.  Matt has been endorsed by the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM), Michigan’s Fraternal Order of Police and now the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union.

In their endorsement letter the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union stated:

“On behalf of the 7,500 active and retired members of the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union, we are pleased to convey to you our endorsement of your candidacy in the general election to the 42nd District State House seat.

Our members are confident that when you are elected, you will fight to protect their safety and their rights in the Legislature. We know that we can count on your support of not only Michigan fire fighters, but all working people around the state.”

The following is what Rep. Hall had fought for and passed in the House version of Michigan’s budget:

  • Fire Fighter/EMS Signing Bonuses
  • Fire Fighter/EMS Explorer and Job Shadowing Programs
  • Fire Fighter/EMS Quarantine Reimbursement
  • Fire Fighter/EMS Recruitment Marketing
  • Fire Fighter/EMS Retention Bonuses: Includes $5.0 million GF/GP to grant retention bonuses of up to $5,000 for fire fighters and EMS personnel.
  • Fire Gear Initiative: Includes $10.0 million worth of gear
  • Protect Our Protectors – Carbon Monoxide Monitors