Meet Matt Hall

Matt Hall is serving his first term as state representative for the people of south and central Calhoun County and eastern Kalamazoo County.

Matt is chairman of the House Oversight Committee, which is committed to holding state government departments accountable. As chairman, he works together with committee members from both parties to find solutions that will help government operate more effectively and efficiently for the people of Michigan.

When government auditors found Michigan’s Aging and Adult Services Agency was not requiring criminal background checks for all employees, contractors, staff, and volunteers, Matt uncovered that violent felons were allowed to have contact with seniors. Matt shined a light on the practice and ensured the agency updated their practices to protect vulnerable citizens.

When auditors uncovered patient care issues and questionable accounting practices at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Matt stood up to make certain that our veterans received the care and attention they deserve.

Matt is advocating bipartisan reforms that will help children’s welfare agencies better protect children from abuse and neglect and strengthen Michigan’s cybersecurity capabilities.

In May, Matt was appointed Chairman of the Joint Select Committee on the Covid-19 Pandemic. This bipartisan committee is responsible for examining Michigan’s response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Matt has held the Unemployment Insurance Agency accountable to get answers for the hundreds of thousands of people across Michigan who struggled for months to get the unemployment benefits they were eligible for.

He is also investigating Michigan’s policy of deliberately placing Covid-19 positive patients into the same nursing homes as some of our state’s most vulnerable seniors. Rather than jeopardize the health and safety of our seniors, he’s committed to finding a smarter plan to protect those living in nursing homes.

Professionally, Matt is an attorney who previously worked in the executive department of the Michigan Attorney General’s office and in the private sector for a combat vehicle propulsion manufacturer. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University and WMU Cooley Law School.