Rep. Matt Hall, of Comstock Township, voted last week to advance budgets that will protect Michigan taxpayer dollars.    In one of those budgets, Rep. Hall stated that abortion providers in Michigan would be barred from receiving state and federal taxpayer dollars.  Did you know that the state of Michigan averages approximately 27,000 abortions a year?

Rep. Hall is a Pro-Life Conservative who stated the following after voting to advance one of those spending budgets:

“We must do more to defend life because the statistics we are seeing are staggering…One of my top priorities is ensuring state and federal taxpayer dollars are not going into funding this practice. It’s simply wrong.”

Rep. Hall went on to discuss another component of the state budget plan that addressed gender reassignment in Michigan’s prisons.  Rep. Hall does believe that it is the responsibility of the state to provide healthcare to the prisoners housed in our jails and prisons.  Rep. Hall also believes that Michigan taxpayers do not have a responsibility to fund any elective procedures that most health insurance providers do not cover. The budget plan Rep. Hall voted to approve would prohibit the Michigan Department of Corrections from funding gender reassignment for Michigan prisoners.