Rep. Matt Hall, of Comstock Township, voted to approve a school aid budget that addresses the concerns of parents with daughters who participate in school sports.  This budget would require school districts, including intermediate school districts, to require that the biological sex of the student will determine which sport team they will be allowed to play on.  Simply put biological boys play on boy’s teams and biological girls play on girl’s teams.


Rep. Hall stated:

“We want girls to have the opportunity to compete and have a fair chance when they participate in sports…When there is an uneven playing field, as we have seen in certain instances across the country, it can be discouraging and impact athletes as they look to get scholarships or pay off all their hard work with success.”

Rep. Hall went on to say:

“Sports are immensely important for the development of our kids. They help kids stay fit and socialize. I worry if we don’t offer school districts this clarity now and continue to see the trend of boys participating in girls’ sports increase, it could discourage girls from participating in sports going forward.”